What is FIRST?

FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a program founded by Dean Kamen to inspire students to be leaders in science and technology, innovation, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership in students as well as build science, engineering, technology and problem solving skills.

Current News

Packing for St. Louis

In the Portland competition, we were one of twenty-four teams that qualified to go to nationals in St. Louis. We are now packing up with team 3393, Horns of Havoc, so we can compete to the best of our ability. We are excited to compete with 398 teams from all over the world. Our team will be competing on Archimedes field.



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The SOTABots are a robotics team involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a mentor based program. It was founded by renowned inventor Dean Kamen with the goal of transforming our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated, and where young people begin to realize their dream of becoming science and technology leaders.

SOTABots was started at the Tacoma School of the Arts in 2008 and has since expanded to include team members from not only the Tacoma School of the Arts and their sister school SAMI (Science and Math Institute), but also from Lincoln High School and Stadium High School.

SOTABots personifies Dean Kamen's vision by mentoring other FIRST teams and giving robotics presentations at local middle schools to get possible future team members excited about robotics and engineering. SOTABots, like all FIRST teams, is not just about building a robot and competing. It is about the life skills students can acquire through the hard work and dedication of creating something while being an integral part of a team.

Thanks in no small part to our gracious sponsors we have been able to accomplish great things since our inception. In 2008 we achieved the "Rookie of the Year Award" and in 2010 we won the Seattle Microsoft regional competition. However our performance in the tournaments is not our sole focus. SOTABots is dedicated to creating well-rounded individuals who reach out to help other teams and the local community. This has been acknowledged through other honors we have received such the Chrysler Team Spirit Award, The Industrial Safety Award, the Motorola Quality Award, and the Gracious Professionalism Award.

As a sponsor, your logo will be seen throughout Western Washington and points beyond. Our team apparel is worn not only for competition but throughout the year by students and mentors alike as a badge of pride. At the Seattle Regional in March 2012, there will be over one hundred teams competing from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Mexico, and Turkey. Your tax-deductible donation will not only support the SOTABots, but provide further advertising exposure for your business as well.

Our team, the life skills it builds, and the honors we've received would never have been possible without the support of sponsors. We would be proud to have you as a sponsor. Any and all sponsorship levels are greatly appreciated.

Businesses and organizations can sponsor SOTABots at the following levels:

Diamond ($3,000 and up)

Your company name will be featured in our official name, in addition to the platinum benefits.

Platinum ($2,000-$2,999)

Your company logo will be featured on our robot, in addition to the gold benefits.

Gold ($1,000-$1,999)

Your company logo will be featured in our pit area at competitions, in addition to the silver benefits.

Silver ($750-$999)

Your company logo will be featured on our team t-shirts, in addition to the bronze benefits.

Bronze ($500-$749)

Your company logo will be featured on our brochure and on our website, in addition to the copper benefits.

Copper ($100-$499)

You will receive a thank you letter and a picture of the completed robot at the end of the competition season.

***Donations of services, food, materials, tools, and other items are gladly accepted, and will be considered at fair market value.

Public Relations

About the team

The SOTABots are a local robotics team combining students from Tacoma School of the Arts, Tacoma Science and Math Institute, and Stewart Middle School. Our team is a part of the FIRST Robotics organization, a worldwide association designed to get young adults involved in engineering. Every year, we design and build several robots to compete in various FIRST challenges.

Mentor Roster

Clifford Holmgren
Dafydd "Bishop" Rhys-Jones
David Olive
Emmanuel Grillos
James Nelson
Jennifer Goetting
Jon Brandon
Ken Luthy(Lead)
Mary Lewis
Parker Olive
Rich Williams(Lead)
Rob Meyerson
Robert Faulk
Robert Girvin
Robert Kroker
Sara Siemens-Luthy
Tina Baril
Tony Duchesne

Student Roster

Aidan Koenig
Alex Hanson
Alex Norwood
Agnes Pate
Antonio Ramirez
Avery Reich-Norris
Boone Ferry
Brian Villahermosa
Cole Peterson
Douglas Mitchell
Ea Kirkland-Woodward
Elena Meyerson
Eli Gurel
Elijah Williams
Elijah Gates
Elliot Carter
Espen Storjell
Franky Lyon(Captain)
Gabriel Reich-Norris
Ian McGee
Isaiah Taylor
Jake Coyne
Justice Greer
Kevin Heckerd
Keshreeyaji Oswal
Kirk Foreman
Lauren Haigh
Lauren Zent
Lucas Grillos
Maddie Siler
Matt Nelson
Maxx King(Captain)
Maggie Rosner
Maya Kalsta
Oscar Lewis
Philong Tran
Preston Holmgren
Rahman Barika
Simon Scheffe
Tianna Trujillo
William Leduc

Join The Team

Want to learn how to build robots? Want to learn a new skill? Use a power drill for the first time? Maybe you're an artist and you just want to take your passion into a professional setting. There are many roles and jobs that are necessary to maintain a team. Whatever it may be, there's a place for you on FIRST 2557 team. If you'd like to see a more detailed list of our different roles and jobs, click here.


  • (Seattle) Microsoft Seattle Regional Rookie All-Star '08
  • (Seattle) Microsoft Seattle Regional Winners '10
  • (Seattle) Microsoft Seattle Regional Quality Award '10
  • (Oregon) Autodesk Oregon Regional Team Spirit Award '10
  • (Oregon) Autodesk Oregon Regional Gracious Professionalism Award '11
  • (Seattle) Seattle Cascade Regional Gracious Professionalism Award '11
  • (Seattle) Seattle Cascade Regional Industrial Safety Award '11
  • (Seattle) Seattle Olympic Regional Winners '12
  • (Seattle) Seattle Olympic Regional Industrial Safety Award '12
  • (Seattle) Seattle Olympic Regional Creativity Award '12
  • (Ellensburg) Central Washington Regional Finalist '13
  • (Auburn) Auburn Mountainview District Gracious Professionalism Award '14
  • (Auburn) Auburn Mountainview District Finalist '14
  • (Cheney) Eastern Washington University District Entrepreneur Award '14
  • (Cheney) Eastern Washington University District Finalist '14
  • (Shoreline) Shorewood District Team Spirit Award '14


About Our Robot

  • Auburn Mountainview Finalist Alliance
  • QS 18 Ast 300 TC 140 Auto 260 Teleop 523
  • 6 wheel drive - 4 high traction,2 omni-wheel
  • 7:1 Super shifters
  • Catapult powered by high grade surgical tubing
  • Intake picks up and passes
  • Autonomous consistently scores in high goal
  • On board camera to detect hot goal


In order for the robot to run efficiently we have to type a program that would work properly for our robot. Programming is a form of trial and error; we create a code, test the code, then adjust the code to fix errors and we do this until our code works properly. All the programming is done by our team with the help of our metors. If you'd like to take a look at our codes, click here.


Videos can be found on the SotaBots Youtube Page.

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If you would like to contact us, you may Email us at sotabots@gmail.com, you may also use the form below: